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What are the factors to note when selecting lifting slings?

Published on 1st May 2020

Loads of heavy objects have to be lifted at a construction site on a daily basis. There are times when the lifting slings malfunction and cause catastrophic falls. Avoiding such dreadful incidents in the construction project needs using the right tools. You need to use the right slings for moving, positioning, and lifting loads. Choosing the right slings will feel easy when you keep the following three factors in mind.

The fragility and weight of the load

Consider the weight of the things that you want to lift because you need to choose the slings that match this strength. For example, when you lift tanks or bulky generators, you can go for synthetic web slings as they not just support the weight but also saves the load from being scratched.

The same generator or tank might get scratched when you choose to use wire rope slings instead of web slings. Keep in mind that your aim is not just to lift the load but also to prevent it from getting damaged in the process. The heaviest load is usually something made from hard metals, which makes them easy to lift using rough slings like alloy chain slings.

Centre of gravity of the object

The design and shape of an object will tell you about its centre of gravity. You will not want to mistake the centre of gravity of the object at the time of lifting because it will make the load swing in strong thrusts that cause damage to property and people.

When picking up objects with irregular shapes, it is better to choose highly flexible slings. Synthetic slings work well for the loads with irregular shapes as they get to roll around the loads and take its shape. The flexibility of the synthetic slings ensures that you don't need to worry about the centre of gravity while lifting rounded or irregularly shaped things. You can go for synthetic web slings or round slings for such loads.

The abrasiveness, temperature, and edges of loads

You might have to use Lifting Slings to lift loads that come with sharp edges. You need to keep in mind that the slings like synthetic round slings or rope slings are easily torn by such sharp edges. It would lead to a huge fall that might damage the load and cause dangerous accidents. So, for abrasive and sharp-edged objects, you should use wire rope or alloy chain slings.

Choosing the right slings will feel a lot easier than ever if you keep these three points in mind. Remember that you should also get the slings from a reputed company that is known to deliver quality products.